is guaranteed two years

What does it look like
The Skudowave nanoprocessor is inserted in a resin adhesive disk 16 mm wide, about 1 mm thick.

How long does it last
Skudowave is guaranteed two years after it is applied to the device.

How is it fixed
After removing the film in contact with the adhesive, SkudoWave can be applied as you will on the phone or on the cover (Important, the cover must be in contact to the cell phone – if the cover is a “book flip” type, SkudoWave must be applied on the side in contact with the mobile phone).

SkudoWave needs no maintenance or cleaning, in case it comes off, simply reattach it with any glue without the danger of loosing its effectiveness.

Where does it act 
Skudowave informs all the matter of the device on which it is applied for the physical principle called “quantum waterfall.” That’s why when you apply Skudowave on a corner of the phone, computer, Ipad, mouse, cordless …, immediately the whole “mass” assumes its “orders”.

Skudowave is not only for Cell Phones

The protective action of Skudowave is effective also on all the electrical and/or electronic devices that emit electromagnetic fields of low-middle strength (computer, tv set, white goods, video-games, video-terminals, wi-fi systems, an so on).

Does not reduce phone’s signal
Skudowave does not reduce the cell phone signal and doesn’t shield the phone, it does not cause electromagnetic emissions and it does not interfere with the performances of the device on which it is applied.