The Skudo®Wave invention came from a team of researchers directed by Prof. Nicola Limardo, scientific director in the sector of Environmental Health and professor at the courses of Higher Education in Medicine, organized and structured by ILMA (Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association) linked to the prestigious Harvard University in Boston.

Skudowave is producted by EDIL NATURA of Novara (Italy).

EDIL NATURA is structured as a research center with the internal laboratory “Max Planck” directed by Nicola Limardo (inventor of Skudo®Wave), and as a center for the processing of products’s prototypes.

All products are submitted to various research university institutions, to obtain, at the end of the process, the “guarantee” of quality and functionality.

The entire production cycle takes place in Italy. The device is 100% Italian.

Skudo®Wave is exclusively and worldwide distributed by Mobisafe Distribution srl Italy.