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Skudo®Wave is a nanoprocessor inserted in a plate with a resin base (16mm diameter) to which is added an adhesive part (the production process is certificate and patented at European level). After removing the film in contact with the adhesive.

Skudo®Wave can be applied as you will on the phone (front or back is indifferent) or on the cover (if it is a “book flip” type Skudo®Wave must be applied on the side in contact with the mobile phone). One device is enough for each  mobile.

Skudo®Wave needs no maintenance or cleaning, in case it comes off, simply reattach it with any glue without the danger of loosing its effectiveness.

At the end of its life cycle (2 years) it can be disposed as any other solid urban waste.

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Skudo®Wave is an accessory for devices that emit electromagnetic fields in the low and middle frequency range (up to 0.2 micro Tesla magnetic flux density and up to 100 V / m electromagnetic field strength in all frequency ranges) which, was found to reduce the risk of biological DNA damage that can be caused by long phone calls using mobile phones by the Italian Department of Public Health at the University of Perugia.

Skudo®Wave is a filter working inside the device at the sub-atomic level processing correcting the interference produced by the changed electron energy state in the device. The power state is changed by the energy derived from the battery contained in the mobile phone. The vibrating effect of this energy causes the emission of photons that upon contact with the head of the phone user can create disturbances that can also cause a biological DNA damage. The scientifically established effect of the product is a considerable reduction of this phenomenon. The „spintronics“ is changed, so that the photonic emissions are more compatible with the human body and the risk of biological damage is significantly reduced.

Skudo®Wave is not a shielding device but a protection device It’s important to note that Skudo®Wave doesn’t shield the phone and therefore does not interfere with the performance of the device on which it is applied; as if it were acting as a shielding product, the possible harm caused by the phone would be even greater because the phone should continually seek to connect to new “cells” of repeaters, with a consequent increase of the excitation of the battery and therefore of the vibrational components  of the materia the phone is made up of. Skudo®Wave, however, does not weaken the cell phone signal and it doesn’t emit any electromagnetic fields.

The protective effect of SkudoWave also exists for all electrical and/or electronic equipment which emits electromagnetic fields in the low and medium frequency range (computer, tablet, television, household electrical appliances, video games, video terminals, wireless systems, etc).

Skudo®Wave generates no electro-magnetic emissions and does not affect the performance of the device to which it is attached.


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