What happens



when you approach the cellphone to the body

To understand why the manufacturers recommends to hold the phone to 1-2 cm away from the body and to evaluate what is the risk arising from the exposure to the electromagnetic fields, we analyze the effects on the body of radio frequencies and the batteries inside the device (battery that in many cell is not removable).

The battery always generates a minimum of electromagnetic emission, even when the phone is off; when the phone is in stand-by mode or when we are calling,

The battery excitement increases and is transmitted to the materia, or we can say, to all the components of the phone (the longer is a phone call, the more energy the battery will emit).

At the atomic level, this transmission causes a jump in the electron orbit.

The battery power to keep the phone activated, together with the energy the phone needs to hang up the cell of a repeater, reaches a certain value that is transmitted to the head of person who is calling. The energy transferred is largely due to the quantum jump of the electrons excited by the electromagnetic emission of the battery itself.

Let us see in detail: the materia consists of atoms which are composed by a nucleus of protons and neutrons around which the electrons turn on a limited number of orbitals. In nature the electrons are generally stable in their orbit unless interferences will not occur (for example because of the battery inserted in the mobile phone) that can alter their state of equilibrium making them unstable and making them move from an orbit to another receiving or emitting (depending on the type of jump) “quanta of energy” in the form of photons.

These photons have a “levorotatory polarity”, the polarity that is incompatible with the human body, that is to say damaging (it is important to underline that viruses, bacteria, parasites and artificial radiations work with levorotatory spin while the enzymes and nutrients have a dextrorotatory spin).

These photons, generated by the orbit jump of the electrons excited by the battery, irradiate the head and produce a disorder that can change into a biological damage to DNA.

The researcher Prof. Nicholas Limardo from Novara Italy studied this problem and created a stabilizing filter (the wave converter Geoprotex® now called Skudo®Wave) acting on the electrons, partially reducing the excitement that causes the orbital jump, and by changing the polarity of the electron (from levorotatory to dextrorotatory) and making it compatible with the DNA of our cells.

The test made by Dr Massimo Moretti of the Laboratory of Genetic Toxicology of the University of Perugia, Public Health Section, declared that “the device Geoprotex (today known with the brand Skudo and

Skudowave) – is able to significantly reduce the genotoxic effects resulting from the exposure to the radio frequency produced by a mobile phone, cutting the primary DNA damage caused by the phone in transmission at levels virtually identical to those of the negative control “.

The results have been accepted by the Scientific Committee of the SITI, the most important Italian scientific company operating in Public Health, who published them in the Proceedings of the 43rd National Congress.

It’s important to note that SkudoWave doesn’t shield the phone and therefore does not interfere with the performance of the device on which it is applied; as if it were acting as a shielding product, the possible harm caused by the phone’s battery would be even greater because the phone should continually seek to connect to new “cells” of repeaters, with a consequent increase of the excitation of the battery and therefore of the vibrational components of the materia the phone is made up of.

Skudo®Wave, however, does not weaken the cell phone signal and it doesn’t emit any electromagnetic fields.

We must therefore beware of products that act on the reduction of frequencies because, they not only interfere with the functionality of the phone itself (if I decrease the RF it is difficult to call), they also trigger a greater damage because they force the battery to increase its own activity causing an increase in the electromagnetic field generated by the instability of the electrons.

According to the ISS (National Health Institute) “Many devices that claim to reduce the exposures due to cell phones are available in the market.

The tests carried out show that generally they do not work as advertised. The so-called “shields” usually interfere with the proper operation of the phone, forcing it to increase the power used, causing an increased exposure – rather than a reduction”.