tested certified patented

scientifically “in vivo”,(directly on man) and “in vitro” (in laboratory) about the effectiveness in transferring its protective properties to the material, and concerning the ability to reduce the risk of biological damage to cellular DNA which may arise by contravening the mobile phone manufacturers’ advice to keep mobile phones away from the body during a call.

at a laboratory of cellular and dark field microscopy medicine taking a blood drop from the ear before and after the phone call with and without Skudowave (the test is in the document section)

TEST IN VITRO (laboratory)

the test made by Dr Massimo Moretti of the Laboratory of Genetic Toxicology of the University of Perugia, Public Health Section, declared that “the device Geoprotex (today known with the brand Skudo® and Skudo®wave) – is able to significantly reduce the genotoxic effects resulting from the exposure to the radio frequency produced by a mobile phone, cutting the primary DNA damage caused by the phone in transmission at levels virtually identical to those of the negative control“.

The results have been accepted by the Scientific Committee of the SITI, the most important Italian scientific company operating in Public Health, who published them in the Proceedings of the 43rd National Congress.

The Skudo®Wave product has been certified in 2009 by the ‘Institute for Research and Testing “M. Masini ” in Rho (Milan – Italy) when the brand that identified the product was only Skudo® (Ref / Ref No. CONCMARK 001/2009 OF 27/02/2009) and, more recently, the product has been tested and certified by CSI, the IMQ group specifically on the capabilities to modify the vibrational bands of a mobile phone (Rif/Ref n. C0189FPMMATs_1 of 30/03/2016).


The Skudo® brand and been internationally patented by the product’s inventor, prof. Nicola Limardo and his manufacturing company EDIL NATURE SRL. The basic brand “Skudo®” protect also similar brands like Skudo®Wave as required by international rules on trademarks and patents. Even the production process has been patented and certified at European level (European Patent No. 2,073,611) by the inventor and manufacturer of Skudo®Wave.