Where to apply Skudo®Wave?



Skudo®Wave can be applied on the phone or on the cover

Thanks to the technology with which it is treated, Skudo®Wave acts directly on the field of electronic devices on which it is applied transferring to the electrons of the devices a new physical property that, specifically for the mobile phone, reduces the harmful vibratory effect generated by the electromagnetic field of the battery

When we use the cell phone (but in a lesser extent even when the phone is off or in standby mode), the battery energy excites the materia and so all phone components. It is this energy transferred from the battery to keep the phone activated – this energy is able to alter the materia in a sub-atomic level – which, together with the one used by the phone to hang up the cell of a repeater, can be harmful while transmitting to the head of who is calling and causing a biological disturbance that may also include damage to DNA.

Skudo®Wave therefore reduces this vibratory effect potentially responsible of the biological cell damage that occurs when the phone is in direct contact with the head (contact warned by many mobile manufacturers that, in the instruction booklet, explicitly indicate to keep the mobile phone at a certain distance from the body during the use).

What does it look like?
Skudo®Wave is formed by a disk with a resin base 16mm wide, about 1mm thick, treated by means of a certificate production process and patented at European level, to which is added an adhesive part.

How is it fixed?
After removing the film in contact with the adhesive, Skudo®Wave can be applied as you will on the phone or on the cover (Important, the cover must be in contact to the cell phone – if the cover is a “book flip” type, Skudo®Wave must be applied on the side in contact with the mobile phone). Skudo®Wave needs no maintenance or cleaning, in case it comes off, simply reattach it with any glue without the danger of loosing its effectiveness.

How long does it last?
Skudowave is guaranteed two years after it is applied to the device. At the end of its life cycle it can be disposed as any other solid urban waste.