Skudo®Wave protects you



Skudo®Wave reduces significantly the risk of biological damage to DNA


Why do you use SKUDOWAVE?
Because it significantly reduces the biological disturbance to the DNA, that can be caused by a prolonged use of the cell phone.
Skudowave does not reduce the cell phone signal, it does not cause electromagnetic emissions and it does not interfere with the performances of the device on which it is applied.

Skudowave has been tested in vivo and in vitro
In Vitro
– the test made by Dr Massimo Moretti of the Laboratory of Genetic Toxicology of the University of Perugia, Public Health Section, declared that “the device Geoprotex (today known with the brand Skudo and Skudowave) – is able to significantly reduce the genotoxic effects resulting from the exposure to the radio frequency produced by a mobile phone, cutting the primary DNA damage caused by the phone in transmission at levels virtually identical to those of the negative control “. (document)
The results were reported in the acts of the 43° congress of the Scientific Committee of the SITI, (Italian Society of Hygiene, Community Medicine and Public Health)

In Vivo at a laboratory of cellular and dark field microscopy medicine taking a blood drop from the ear before and after the phone call with and without Skudo (document)

Skudowave is certified
The product Skudowave was certified in 2009 by the Research and Test Institute “M. Masini” in Rho, when the brand was only Skudo (Rif/Ref n. CONCMARK 001/2009 of 27/02/2009) and recently, it was tested and certified by CSI, authority of IMQ Group, specifically on its capacity to change the vibrational bands of a cell phone (Rif/Ref n. C0189\FPM\MATs\16_1 del 30/03/2016)
It was certified even the production process of Skudowave, according to the European Patent n° 2073611

Is Skudowave only for Cell Phones?
The protective action of Skudowave is effective also on all the electrical and/or electronic devices that emit electromagnetic fields of low-middle strength (computer, tv set, white goods, video-games, video-terminals, wi-fi systems, an so on)




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